Why us?

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There are many reasons to choose Bossy Matcha over other brands - 
  1. Our Focus- We all have gone through this when we hear about our friends or family being sick and most likely it happens due to unhealthy habits. We are here to help everyone we know and everyone you know to do small changes in our daily coffee routine. We want you to drink matcha every day to keep up good health. Having good health is the best wealth.
  2. Our prices- Best ceremonial high-quality matcha can be very expensive and that's a big challenge in an era of high inflation. Let's understand how good matcha can be costly, Matcha is grown overseas, and importing matcha to Canada is a very expensive and lengthy process. It's hard to maintain the quality when importing bulk from overseas farms. It took several months to crack the cost of import as well as solid packaging to maintain the quality at the same time. All of the initial failures were worth it when we finally learned the whole supply system. 
  3. Our quality - Bossy Matcha is launched in the market after testing more than 100 samples and then the final products were tested in the lab to make sure the production is clean and it stays fresh for a long when packaged. The best sealable packaging makes it easy to hold the fresh matcha for a longer period. The production area is kept super clean and there is no chance of any contamination.Bossy Matcha tea production
  4. Keeping small inventory - Online marketplace such as Amazon requires heavy inventory that might disrupt the original strength of matcha powder. We get our inventory as needed because we cannot compromise the quality. 
  5. Our Service - We have an express and low fees delivery service, We are starting with Vancouver and soon we will have our fast and cheapest delivery services in Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Toronto as well. 100% of the delivery cost goes to our delivery drivers’ pockets. We don't keep anything.
  6. Our dream - We want to have Bossy Matcha cafe in every big city in Canada. This cafe will serve the highest quality, health-based, tastiest foods and drinks at very affordable prices. This will not happen without our customers. Every single order will make us more closer to the final dream. It will create many jobs for people who need the most.
  7. Social events - Our customers will get a chance to join our social gatherings for free and we want our customers to connect and share great ideas with each other. We don't want to keep you just our buyer, we would love to have you as a great friend.