Matcha recipes

Delicious Matcha Recipes: Unleashing the Power of Organic Matcha Tea Powder and Matcha Latte Mix

Welcome to our world of matcha magic! Below, you'll find a collection of mouthwatering recipes that harness the unique flavors and health benefits of our organic matcha tea powder and matcha latte mix powder. These recipes are not only a treat for your taste buds but also a celebration of well-being.

1. Classic Matcha Green Tea:

Kick start your day with a cup of antioxidant-rich matcha green tea. This classic recipe showcases the pure essence of our organic matcha tea powder.

Add spoon of matcha in small amount of warm water and then whisk it really well. Add more water and then vanilla syrup or honey to add sweetness. Drink before work or study and enjoy the natural energy and focus boost.

2. Iced Matcha Latte:

A refreshing twist for warmer days, our iced matcha latte recipe combines the creaminess of matcha latte mix powder with the chill of ice. 

Whisk the matcha powder well in hot water and then pour it on ice cubes and add sweet coffee creamer or milk to make the best matcha latte in seconds.

3. Matcha Smoothie Bowl:

Elevate your breakfast game with a vibrant matcha smoothie bowl packed with nutrients and energy.

Add banana slices, almonds, coconut milk and spoon of matcha tea powder in the blender and serve the magic smoothie filled with nutrition in a bowl with berries or dryfruits toppings.

We found this below video as a great example for this recipe - 

4. Matcha Energy Bites:

Fuel your day with these no-bake matcha energy bites, a perfect on-the-go snack. 

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5. Matcha Yogurt Parfait:

Indulge in a guilt-free dessert with our matcha yogurt parfait. Layers of goodness featuring organic matcha and your favorite fruits.

6. Matcha Latte Cupcakes:

Delight your senses with these decadent matcha latte cupcakes, a heavenly fusion of rich flavors.

7. Matcha Overnight Oats:

Simplify your mornings with our matcha-infused overnight oats, a delicious and nutritious breakfast option.

"Make it superfood overnight oats: add a tablespoon of hemp seeds, flax seeds, cacao nibs, bee pollen, spirulina powder, maca powder or any other superfoods you love to these oats!"

8. Matcha Frappuccino:

Create your own matcha frappuccino at home – a creamy blend of matcha latte mix, ice, and pure bliss.

9. Matcha-infused Savory Dishes:

Explore the savory side of matcha with unique recipes like matcha-infused pasta or matcha-seasoned roasted vegetables.

10. Matcha Affogato
Ingredients -½ tsp Superior Ceremonial Blend, 90 ml Hot water, 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream
1. Add matcha in small-ish bowl.
2. Add a few drops of hot water and whisk to
from a paste.
3. Gradually add the rest of the hot water,
whisking until smooth.
4. Pour matcha over ice-cream and serve.

matcha recipe with vanilla icecream

Discover the incredible health benefits of incorporating matcha into your daily recipes, from increased metabolism to enhanced mental focus.

Feel free to try these recipes at home and unleash the full potential of our premium organic matcha products. Whether you're a matcha enthusiast or a newcomer to this vibrant world, these recipes are sure to elevate your culinary experience.

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