Need to know about Matcha

Matcha tea powder is a fine powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves. The plants are grown under shade for three to four weeks before harvest. This process helps plant to produce more theanine (stress reducing amino acid) and caffeine.

Grinding the leaves is a slow process because the mill stones must not get too warm, lest the aroma of the leaves be altered. Up to one hour may be needed to grind 30 grams of matcha. 

History - The Japanese tea ceremony involves serving and drinking matcha as hot tea that forms a meditative spirituality. In history, the preparation and consumption of powdered tea was formed into a ritual by Chan Buddhists. Zen Buddhism and methods of preparing powdered tea was brought to Japan by Eisai in 191.

Use of Matcha - The use of Matcha is not limited to ceremonial tea, it can be used to make green tea ice cream, matcha lattes, matcha flavoured cake and muffins. you can even make donuts or Cha-soba sushi.

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Matcha Latte recipe -

Sift some matcha powder in a bowl. Matcha can easily make lumps with moisture so it is always better to sift.

Add small amount of hot water. Using a bamboo whisk would mix it well and create a frothy thick liquid. Mix it with hot milk or cream and add honey or sugar for the sweetness. You can be creative by choosing different flavours of cream or milk and syrups such as Vanilla syrup and oat milk makes a great combination.

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